"I have had the great privilege of coaching and mentoring Michelle periodically throughout each year during the past eight years. She has participated and studied in countless clinics and events I have facilitated. Beyond that she has also volunteered and toured being part of a learning opportunity that is rarely available. 

She has grown to be an incredibly confident young horse woman that has developed and maintained her own teaching and training business. She is professional, knows her boundaries and will advise when something is over her head. She has my highest recommendation to help both people and their horses move forward in a positive way towards their goals. 

I wish her the very best offering her services to any lucky person that is able to get some direct coaching or horse training from her.” 
Jonathan Field

I have been a student of Michelle's for a few years. I can say with confidence that Michelle is a remarkable teacher. Throughout the years, Michelle has helped me overcome the many obstacles I encountered with my mare and gelding. She has always been approachable and supportive. She understands that every rider and every horse is different, and adapts her lesson plans accordingly. She works individually with each rider, to help them achieve their goals being in the saddle or on the ground. I feel my horses and my understanding of the proper self carriage and movement of my horse has changed immensely. I have been fortunate throughout my riding life to have been exposed to and taken lessons from some very gifted horsemen, horsewomen and Michelle is one very talented horsewoman. Michelle has the ability to give me small pieces of information which has translated to giant leaps in my bond with my horses. I am a very visual rider and Michelle has a unique way of explaining technique and movements that I can understand and put into action. She teaches you to work with the horse not against it. She has given me confidence as a rider and has helped me develop my two horses into confident, willing horses that enjoy working. With Michelle, no lesson was wasted, I learned or accomplished something every time. It was very rewarding and a lot of fun. Michelle has definitely helped me grow as a rider and I feel any type of rider could learn or benefit from her wisdom.

Marie Racine


Carla and Michelle.JPG

Starting an older horse can have some challenges, Michelle has been key in helping me develop my partnership with Bailey. I brought Bailey home January 2015, she was 10 at that time and had been lightly started as a young horse by her previous owner. 

In the beginning Bailey’s reaction to pressure was to run or flee, it took me a long time to teach her not to overreact to pressure. As our training progressed and as level of pressure increased we would come up against the same barriers, and she would overreact and rush. 

I reached out to Michelle in April 2015, she was able to help me step up my training and to clear the barriers I was experiencing. I was reluctant to apply a lot of pressure because I had worked so hard not revving her up and keeping her calm and cool. Michelle showed me that now that we had her confidence, the next step was to push her past her comfort zone and show her that she didn’t need to flee and overreact to pressure, just embrace it and work through it. Bailey has evolved into a great little horse, she is confident, willing and is always eager to please. Michelle has played a very big part in making her the horse she is today.

Thank you Michelle, for all your help and we’ll think of you while riding in the mountains.

Carla and Bailey, Partners for Life


Jorgia and Michelle.jpg

Michelle has impacted my philosophy and thoughts on horses so much in the short time I got to work with her. I learned to be the leader while still being calm and kind to my animals. She has taught me so much about horsemanship, and has absolutely worked wonders on our horses. I can honestly say I feel 100% more confident as a rider and horseman in general after working with Michelle.

Jorja Papilion

Working with Michelle has been a real eye opener into the Equine world. All the nuances and body language to look for were explained in a way that made perfect sense. Michelle's communication skills are second to none, getting her message across yet keeping her student positive and interactive. I/we have come to learn much more about horses in the past 5 + months than ever before but more importantly, we have learned a great deal more about ourselves and how to improve our animals well being.

Thank you Michelle !

Jeff Papilion


Michelle has helped both myself as a rider and my overly sensitive warmblood mare Murphy, to become more respectful and responsive in a positive manner, both on the ground and in the saddle.  She has a very calm yet confident approach with horses giving them the opportunity to find the right answer, always ending positively.

More recently, I called upon Michelle to provide some ground work for a very green thoroughbred rescue gelding.  In a short time, only four sessions, Rocky displays a more confident demeanor with his environment and for what is being asked of him.

Best of luck to you and the gift you have working with horses.

Thank you